Wednesday, February 3, 2010

364 more days till another groundhog's day. ...darn.

Ahh yeeeeeeah!

First post of 2010. Haha yeeeeeah. So guess what? I will most likely be going to Senegal, Africa in May. The AOAAD and Hope Alliance recently asked if I'd want to go with a group of doctors on a humanitarian trip for 3 weeks. Sweeeet. I wrote a story about their plans that was published in the Statesman newspaper, and they apparently felt it would be great to get more publicity with their service efforts.

So I'm not certain yet, but I think I'll be writing stories about what's going on, keeping up a photo log, a video log for a YouTube channel I'll need to set up, and also be blogging my way through the adventure for their webpage.

So... yeah. I'm pretty excited about it. I feel like this will really help strengthen the social media side of my resume, so I couldn't be more happy. ...unless they have a KFC over there.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Whaddup blog? I speak to you as if you were a person; or a friend, rather. that ALWAYS listens and never speaks or gives advice., I'll accept that. So anyway, it looks like I'm roughly visiting this blog thing on more of an annual basis. But the goal is to work my way up to semi-annual visits, then quarterly....and before you know it...!!   ...well, let's not make any unrealistic promises right now.

Anyway, life for me is good. ...Except for the fact that it's April 15 (p.s. happy tax day!) and SNOWING. Seriously Logan?? Must you be so bipolar in the springtime??! Although, in fairness, I chose to be here by my own free will, so I guess I shouldn't complain. But everyone up here seems generally sick of the snow; everyone except my roommate Shaun. And he loves it so much that he cheers and claps and it almost makes it worse. He even attributes it to the Queen of Narnia and says phrases such as, "Yes!! My queen has struck again!!" I would be mad if I weren't so amused.

And my other roommate, Andy and I bought a 14-foot sailboat last fall, and are psyched to chill at Bear Lake all summer. We are currently debating whether or not we should paint it, so if anyone has any color suggestions, it could greatly help us not-so-color-savvy guys. I'm also open to any really great sailboat name suggestions...

And finally, I just have to say, that I am again pleased with The Office. And I guess I've never really been UNpleased, it's just that this whole Michael Scott Paper Company has shaken things up enough to grab me, emotionally, as a viewer. So way to go! Alright, it's bedtime. Farewell! I'll hopefully see you again relatively soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh Dear

So I'm the kind of guy who's into simple pleasures. Like yesterday, on my way to class I watched a long-boarder who was cruising through campus cruise right into a biker that was, in turn, biking through campus. Both were whizzing at what I deem a near mach 5.

It was a ridiculous spill. They both went flying off their "supposedly-beneficial" traveling vehicles and rolled about 4 times. They ended up okay and both apologized to each other about 20 times.

...and THAT kept me laughing the rest of the way to class. Oh man, I was almost in tears. I mean, you really have to savor those moments. And savor I did! I later texted a dozen friends who I knew would appreciate it and spread the Logan cheer. It was one of my better Mondays.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, after about a year off, I've decided to try my hand again with this blog thing.

I originally created this blog for a PR class at Utah State University. Using this for a personal journal was never a high priority. I figured I could squeak by with the bare minimum of turning in assignments on the blog and that'd be about it.

But alas, technology has progressed, as it always does, and this now becomes the norm for student/teacher relations, journal entries and social networking in general.

In order to keep up with the times and stay fluid with change, I am going to give this a more honest effort, second time around. So wish me luck. And I, in turn, do naturally return the favor.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Practice News Story 11: Accident

LOGAN, Utah – A Utah State University van carrying 11 people lost control and rolled over several times this afternoon on Interstate 84 just west of Tremonton.

Lt. Jason Jensen was among the first respondents to the scene. Stating it was the "worst scene I’ve ever seen in my eleven years on the force." He describes arriving to the accident and seeing bodies scattered all along the highway. Four people were critically injured in which two needed to be life flighted. Jensen believes reasons to be due to speeding; however, further investigation is underway.

Jenni Johnson, who was driving behind the van said that the van was being passed by a truck when it apparently lost control. Johnson said the van swerved off the road and bodies were "launched into the air". In a state of shock, Johnson pulled over to assist the victims. "I was trying to get them to breath and make sure their necks weren't injured" Johnson said.

"It hits right at the center of who we are," said Utah State University President, Stan Albrecht. "The word tragedy does not really do this justice." Albrecht said that a memorial of some sort will be put together for those who have lost their lives.

The families of the victims are being notified and memorial services are being planned by the administration.

Practice News Story 10: Investigative

LOGAN, Utah - Bill and Melinda Gates were spotted with Ted Turner in Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, today. The Gates and Turner met with local African officials on a very low-key tone. Details of their meetings have been kept quiet, however, it is rumored their purposes are to reform the health care programs for the benefit of the community.

They have been meeting on the formation of this program for the last three months in African towns and cities. While Bill is discouraging much information to be shared, he did say the program will be launched soon, and will be holding a press conference next month for further discussion.

Africa has been exposed to several health problems throughout the years. Of these, main concerns are regarding malaria, polio and the HIV AIDS virus. Bill and Melinda believe education should be the top priority of African nations.

"I think we are at a turning point," Gates said. "We have got all this access to technology and people are still dying from these diseases. I am devoting my life to this work."

Mayor of Abuja, Malik Ok said he made calls for help concerning their health care. He is currently looking at proposals and making negotiations with the Gates and Turner. Ok wants a solution that will have longevity and says the Gate’s will fund the project for 10 years.

Ok said, "The World Health Organization and United Nations’ solution was to bring in food. The Gates are looking at the future. They will build buildings, we will be trained, we will be able to teach and they will not be involved anymore."

For more details about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation visit

Practice News Story 6: News Release


ClearPoint Instruction to Reshape Cache Valley's Health Care Awareness

LOGAN, Utah - ClearPoint Instruction LLC specializes in the design and development of instructional products and patient education services for health care organizations. They announced today they will be opening their website (
for online ordering, which will be a great resource to the health care industries in town.

"A large number of our customers are physicians, dentists and surgeons. We know their market and understand their needs," said Preston Parker, Vice President of ClearPoint. "In addition to providing affordable, quality services, we also aim to create an easier environment for both doctors and patients."

ClearPoint Instruction can design and develop a wide range of patient education materials, including workshops, informational pamphlets, books, posters, DVDs, and web-based simulations. “I’m certain our staff will create products that are no more than complete ultimate satisfaction to our customers,” says Mary Ann Parlin, President of ClearPoint Instruction. In addition, Parlin says, “We promise you, your patients will see the main point.”

ClearPoint is a Utah-based company made up of a team of well-trained and highly-experienced designers. Our staff has degrees in instructional technology, curriculum and instruction, computer science, and graphic design. In addition, they have a combined 40+ years of experience in designing and developing instructional products and educational services.

# # #
Contact Info:

Lindsay Larsen
Director, Public Relations
Office: 435-710-5777
Mobile: 801-710-5736